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Re: htsjdk

Hi Olivier,

On Tue, Dec 29, 2015 at 09:25:38AM +0000, olivier sallou wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> I was looking at FTBS bug in htsjdk but I see you started to work on a new
> upstream release 2.0.1. So I suppose there is no need to work on this FTBS
> bug (which I suppose is related to network related test failing on
> reproductible builds with no network enable).

My work has crossed a bit with Vincent's work.  I will not keep on
touching for the moment (since I do not feel competent enought).
I'd be happy if you would take over since we aslo need to update
picard-tools that depends from probably the same version number
as htsjdk.
> By the way, I got a warning about missing pristine-tar branch.

In pristine-tar branch the files

   libhtsjdk-java_2.0.1+dfsg.1.orig.tar.xz.id  and

do exist.  This should fit the current naming scheme.  Feel free to
reimport if this is not correct.

Kind regards



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