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Re: Why is blasr's testing migration still stalled? RC bugs are all fixed

Hi, Charles

على الأحد 20 كانون الأول 2015 ‫19:56، كتب Charles Plessy:
> maybe the testing migration script has not yet revisited blasr's case yet ?
>>From the moment blasr is 5 days old, there may be up to 24 hours before
> the migration scripts run again.  Thus, I think that it is not worrysome
> that on the 6th day, blasr has not yet migrated.
> Hoping to not being proven wrong tomorrow,

Looks like you were right. At least one of the two bugs was closed for a
long time, so I thought it would at least not list that one as blocking.
Oh, well.

Thanks and regards

Afif Elghraoui | عفيف الغراوي

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