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Re: [MoM] Re: bart - tools for computational magnetic resonance imaging


> > I also want to add octave/matlab/python scripts. But I am not
> > sure where to put them. I would be nice if there was a way to
> > add them to the default search path for octave/matlab, for
> > example.
> You could add these in additional python-bart octave-bart binary
> packages (sorry, matlab can not be provided as official Debian package).

Take a look at the matlab-support package. Not a perfect solution, but maybe good enough....


> You should raead the according pages at wiki.debian.org where to put
> Python modules (or you just check your local system where these are
> stored) and Octave files (I never dealt with these but I guess there is
> a wiki paga as well).  Feel free to ask me if you are struck in the
> jungle of documentation and I'll provide more specific pointers.
> Another remark to the packaging:  Currently there is a libgsl migration
> ongoing and you should use libgsl-dev instead of libgsl0-dev.
> Kind regards
>        Andreas.
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> http://fam-tille.de

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