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Re: [MoM] Re: bart - tools for computational magnetic resonance imaging

Hi Andreas,

> > 
> > Ok, I put it in /git/debian-med/bart.git as described in the
> > debian-med policy.
> I checked this out and added Vcs fields and Homepage to Debian control
> (please pull).  I noticed that the pristine-tar branch is missing in the
> git repository.  You can get this easily by redoing
>     gbp import-orig --pristine-tar your_orig_tar_gz
> (just make sure you use the --pristine-tar option) and push the
> pristine-tar branch.  The rationale is that we can both easily work
> on a byte identical tarball right from the Git archive.

Ok, what is the deal with pristine-tar? Our upstream tar balls are
generated by github using git-archive. So there does not seem to
be any point to create tar balls just to re-import them using 
pristine-tar, or is there?

> I assume that the debian/control file is missing other Build-Depends
> than just debhelper.  

Yep. I added some. It builds using git-pbuilder.

> I'd also recommend to use
>     cme fix dpkg-control
> which would bump your Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (which you can also do
> manually but cme is a nifty tool I'd like to introduce to newcomers).

My experience so far: It pulls in a million of perl packages, then I had to 
figure out that I still have to install an extra package for dpkg-control 
to work, then it complains that it doesn't know libpng-dev, but if I replace
it with libpng12-dev fixes it to be libpng-dev again. It also spits out a 
lot of incomprehensible warnings about the VCS-* lines. It didn't bump
the standards version, but decides to do some arbitrary reformatting ;-)


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