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Re: [MoM] Re: bart - tools for computational magnetic resonance imaging

Am Sonntag, den 06.12.2015, 13:57 +0000 schrieb Ghislain Vaillant:
> On 06/12/15 12:32, Uecker, Martin wrote:
> > Hi Andreas,
> >
> >>> Ok, I put it in /git/debian-med/bart.git as described in the
> >>> debian-med policy.
> >> I checked this out and added Vcs fields and Homepage to Debian control
> >> (please pull).  I noticed that the pristine-tar branch is missing in the
> >> git repository.  You can get this easily by redoing
> >>
> >>      gbp import-orig --pristine-tar your_orig_tar_gz
> >>
> >> (just make sure you use the --pristine-tar option) and push the
> >> pristine-tar branch.  The rationale is that we can both easily work
> >> on a byte identical tarball right from the Git archive.
> > Ok, what is the deal with pristine-tar? Our upstream tar balls are
> > generated by github using git-archive. So there does not seem to
> > be any point to create tar balls just to re-import them using
> > pristine-tar, or is there?
> Put simply, pristine-tar is our way to encapsulate access to the source 
> tarball used for packaging. Someone who checks out a d-science 
> repository does not need to know where the tarball comes from (github, 
> bitbucket, PyPI...), he or she can just check it out using pristine-tar 
> on the packaging repository.

Ok, I created a tar ball using a git archive (which matches what
github does) and then used pristine-tar to check it in.

gbp can also create tar balls from the same tag and check
in ione step, but somehow the hash does not seem to match
exactly (the content does). I wonder why...

> Running licensecheck on the source tree revealed a few files which have 
> missing copyright headers:

> Which you may or may not want to act upon. Since the other source files 
> have one it might be picked up during the review process anyway.

I don't see a reason to change this if it isn't necessary. 

> Otherwise, looks good.
> Quick question, is the package supposed to install just the bart 
> executable and its accompanying documentation or something else in 
> addition ?

I also want to add octave/matlab/python scripts. But I am not
sure where to put them. I would be nice if there was a way to
add them to the default search path for octave/matlab, for


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