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Re: December


On Tue, 

> Maybe some of the "won't fix" can be resolved as well.

I consider  #798165, #797651, #805360, #705270 to be such cases. They
all relate to mummy and activit.net. As far as i can see both packages
are no longer used to generated .NET bindings (i.e. in gdcm Mathieu
provided the patch to change this, and I'm not aware of other packages
that used them).  

As far as i can see these packages are also abandoned upstream. 

If nobody on the list doesn't voice any objections, I'll add the
according tags & comments. 

I also intent to look into  #803595 (vtk-dicom depends on vtk5) and #73
3629 (  Convenient lib: double-conversion in ITK4). 


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