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Re: bart - tools for computational magnetic resonance imaging

On 01/12/15 15:04, Uecker, Martin wrote:
Ghislain Vaillant:

Hi Martin,

Let me know if you need assistance on the packaging side.

Glad to see more MRI reconstruction software being packaged for Debian.



Thank you, Ghis!

I am sure that I will need some help. I see that you have already
packaged the ismrmrd library (which we aim to properly support at
some point in BART).

Indeed. Still need to find time for Gadgetron as well, but it is a much bigger piece of work ^^.

Nice to hear you are planning to support ISMRMRD. FYI, Michael's team is currently working on the next major release (2.x), so I would suggest to wait a bit. Your call.

I can set the packaging repository up on d-med and push your initial work to it if you like. That would make collaborative work with members of d-med much easier, myself included.


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