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Intent to package seg3d-- need mentoring/advice?

To whom it may concern:

I would like to package seg3d (http://www.sci.utah.edu/cibc-software/seg3d.html) for the debian-med PPA and eventually debian unstable. I have a package called "seg3d" in progress here:


I'm running into some difficulties:

1.) Upstream has bundled 14 libraries into their tarball and is resistant to change this. See


I have written a patch that allows a debian packager to ignore all these libraries and substitute in debian package equivalents. I have tested the patch extensively for the past 3+ months with no stability problems.

Given the extent of the software included (i.e. all of boost, python, itk, etc) I have no idea how to write a proper debian/copyright file.

2.) After adding a seg3d.desktop to the build, I can't get the icon to appear properly for Gnome or KDE.

3.) This is my first time packaging anything, so I am blind to many debian best practices. I've never written a manpage, etc. I would love an extra set of eyes on what I'm doing so that I can file an ITP with unstable.

I read the MoM guideline linked previously this month. Is there any way I could sign up?


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