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Re: SVN -> GIT mass conversion

Le Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 06:02:49PM +0100, Roland Fehrenbacher a écrit :
> while porting DebMed packages to Qlustar, we started a mass conversion
> of SVN to GIT package repositories. Since at the St. Malo sprint I got the
> impression that having as much as possible of the DebMed stuff managed
> via GIT would be desirable in general, we'd also start creating new
> repos for these packages on alioth that would allow to fully switch to GIT
> for these packages at a certain date. The goal of this is to standardize
> DebianMed on GIT entirely.

Hi Roland,

there is also an effor to propose a standard layout in Debian in general.  It
is work in progress, but you can have a look at
http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep14/ and at mailing list archives after searching
with DEP-14 (or variations with/without hyphen etc.) as a keyword.

(In my understanding, here "standard" means normalising minor difference between
similar layouts, not forcing everybody to use the same layout.)

In Debian Med, I have experimented on alternative layouts that follow directly
upstream's Git repository instead of usign the source tarball as an
intermediate.  I prefer that way, but I will be short of time to keep all my
packages up to date just by myself in the near future, so if my Git layout is
on your way to do good team work, do not hesitate to migrate it to a more
standard one.

(Two main reasons why I will lack time are a) still being a young parent and b)
still spending most of my "Debian" time learning Haskell to rewrite the Umegaya
system in a hopefully bug-free way.)

Have a nice day,


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