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Re: camitk vs. mitk vs. slicer?

Hello Steve,

As I work in the CamiTK team, I'll try to describe to you the CamiTK project[1] to see whether it feats your needs or not.

CamiTK is a C++ framework that allows rapid prototyping in the CAMI (Computer Assited Medical Intervention) field.
Its main advantage is its architecture: CamiTK can be seen as a set of modules, each module add a specific functionality to the framework (such as an ITK filter).
Modules can be loaded at runtime using one of the applications we provide to work with them.
Thus, you have two complementary ways of working with CamiTK: using already built modules in your context and / or (easily) build others (if you realize there are some missing functionalities to
answer your problematic).
We (in the CamiTK team) try to provide to the users the easiest way to create their own modules:
* easy integration of other C++ libraries (OpenCV, ITK, IGSTK ...) in your module
* automatic generation of the source code of your module (will only remain the part of the code you will have to fill to perform your algorithm ...).
* etc.
Technically, CamiTK is based on VTK (for rendering) and Qt (GUI and more). We also provide different modules in many different CAMI fields: Image processing (based on ITK library), Robotics,
Biomechanics ...

Regarding your problematic, using CamiTK, you will load your images into a CamiTK application[1] (it will automatically displays your images), test some image processing algorithms based on ITK
already provided.
If this is not enough for your project, you will have the possibility to build your own module using ITK or another library.

FYI, we bound CamiTK to Python using PySide. But this work has only reach the proof of concept state and we do not recommend it, as it is not stable enough.
At the moment, if you work with CamiTK you will have to deal with C++.

Globally, I think other frameworks compared to CamiTK are dedicated to some specific CAMI fields (such as Image Processing) and have more advanced features on those fields compared to CamiTK (which I
would say, work on more different fields). Also, I'm not an expert of Slicer nor MITK, I won't be able to help you on the comparaison. Maybe someone who has already used one of them might help?

I hope this was clear regarding CamiTK and helped you,


[1] http://camitk.imag.fr
[2] http://camitk.imag.fr/userTeaser.php

On 02/23/2015 06:12 AM, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm about to dive into a small surgical planning project that will use some 
> ITK algorithms (e.g. vesselness) and require visualization.  For rapid 
> prototyping the application, what is recommended today?  I have used slicer in 
> the past, though not for prototyping, and I've vaguely heard of mitk (never 
> used it).  Neither of them are in Debian at the moment.  However, I discovered 
> camitk by searching for the mitk packages.  :-)
> How do the three compare?  Which is recommended for RP?
> Any advice welcomed.
> Thanks,
> -Steve

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