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Re: camitk vs. mitk vs. slicer?

Thanks, Paul,

On February 23, 2015 09:05:58 AM Paul Novotny wrote:
> I have not used mitk or camitk, so I can't answer your question
> directly. But I have had luck prototyping applications using itk and vtk
> in python. It gives you a Matlab-y way to try things out in ITK, and
> visualize in VTK (or matplotlib). There are some rough parts, like
> remembering how to move data from vtk to itk and/or python (numpy), but
> I find it to work best for me.

Indeed, I was hoping to use python as the glue, so that's  a good point about 
just using ITK/VTK directly.  I guess I was assuming that the other systems 
basically allow one to do that but have smoothed out the rough edges to some 
degree.  Hoping someone can comment directly on that assumption.


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