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Re: camitk vs. mitk vs. slicer?

I have not used mitk or camitk, so I can't answer your question
directly. But I have had luck prototyping applications using itk and vtk
in python. It gives you a Matlab-y way to try things out in ITK, and
visualize in VTK (or matplotlib). There are some rough parts, like
remembering how to move data from vtk to itk and/or python (numpy), but
I find it to work best for me.


On Sun, 2015-02-22 at 23:12 -0600, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm about to dive into a small surgical planning project that will use some 
> ITK algorithms (e.g. vesselness) and require visualization.  For rapid 
> prototyping the application, what is recommended today?  I have used slicer in 
> the past, though not for prototyping, and I've vaguely heard of mitk (never 
> used it).  Neither of them are in Debian at the moment.  However, I discovered 
> camitk by searching for the mitk packages.  :-)
> How do the three compare?  Which is recommended for RP?
> Any advice welcomed.
> Thanks,
> -Steve

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