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Re: Any volunteer to update GNUHealth packages

* Emilien Klein: " Re: Any volunteer to update GNUHealth packages" (Mon, 9 Feb
  2015 09:17:08 +0100):


I don't want to repeat all the facts, that were already discussed, so just
commenting on the wrong points, as Emilien asked me to do so.

> A final discussion point was with the Debian Tryton maintainer
> (Matthias, feel free to comment, as I believe you are on the d-med
> mailing list): Tryton is developed and packaged with separate
> tarball/.deb for each module. GNU Health is provided as one single
> tarball. Matthias was of the opinion that the gnuhealth software
> should be provided as separate .deb, to allow separate installation.
> His motivation was security, to not install packages that are not
> needed.

The gnuhealth modules are very well obtainable as separate packages as they are
released separately on PyPi.

> Aside from this being somewhat more cumbersome, it could still be
> reached by having one source package output multiple binary package,
> possibly also with one generic gnuhealth package that would depend on
> the essential/wanted binary packages. Thoughts?

Please just search for my input on exactly this subject in the BTS resp. mailing
> Before/if I start working on that package again, I want to make sure
> we reach a consensus (this time ;) )

Indeed a requirement, if this task shall succeed. It is really really required
to be aware of the basics of Tryton (and subsequently the gnuhealth modules) to
get a generic and widely usable layout.



    Mathias Behrle
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