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Re: Any volunteer to update GNUHealth packages

* Andreas Tille: " Any volunteer to update GNUHealth packages" (Mon, 9 Feb 2015
  08:40:47 +0100):

Hi Andreas,

> GNUHealth 2.8.1 was released which is using tryton 3.4.0.  We lost the
> official GNUHealth package recently due to incompatibilities with
> tryton.  Any volunteer to prepare a package for exoerimental is more
> than welcome.

Could you please point out, what's your motivation to call for this work again
in this way

- against the pronounced will of the gnuhealth maintainers (I talked once
  again to the gnuhealth maintainers at this years Tryton Unconference in
  Leipzig, which are not in favor of having Debian packages but prefer a
  distribution agnostic way of installation)
- according to [0][1] the moderate interest in the subject
- still with the problematic concept of doing *one* package
- still with the unsolved problem to have gnuhealth modules compatible with
  the rest of the Tryton suite inside Debian with a justifiable amount of
  effort to do for the maintainer as well as for the release and security team

I am volunteering to do the gnuhealth packages under the following prerequistes:
- you give me a number of people interested in Debian gnuhealth packages apart
  from you and Emilien ;) (please take this from the humorous side...)
- gnuhealth packages made by me will be in the well-proven generic way of the
  current Tryton modules
- gnuhealth packaging (VCS) will be like for all Tryton modules on alioth
- gnuhealth packages will be made available outside of Debian on
  debian.tryton.org (the only way to make them currently available in a clean
  and seasoned way to the users with having the relative gnuhealth suite always
  being dedicated to the correct Tryton series and thus being maintainable
  without headaches all the time)

It would be very helpful to get those answers instead of just pushing back
always the same idea, that has proven to not being adequate or even not to work.


[0] http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/health-dev/2014-09/msg00053.html
[1] http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/health-dev/2014-09/msg00057.html


    Mathias Behrle
    PGP/GnuPG key availabable from any keyserver, ID: 0x8405BBF6

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