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Re: How to submit software for addition to BioLinux?

Hi Simon,

On Thu, Feb 05, 2015 at 11:42:13PM +0000, Simon Sadedin wrote:
> This sounds awesome, I am completely happy to go ahead to do the work to
> get it into Debian Med. Getting it available on standard Linux distros
> would be really great as well!

That's our plan. :-)
> Andreas, I would really enjoy to be part of the MoM program, if you have
> time. What would be the first steps to get started - I expect I should do
> a bit of reading etc, and join some mailing lists etc?

The Debian Med policy document


is written for newcomers as a first entry point.  It explains how to create
an account on our development platform alioth.debian.org and how to work
with VCS (either Git or SVN at your personal preference).  We hope that it
is helpful enougth for you - if not please do not hesitate to ask on the
mailing list (other readers are helpful as well :-)).

We'd be happy to guide you into the (non-)secrets of Debian



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