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Re: [MoM] Packaging OpenSurgSim

Hi Paul,

On Mon, Feb 02, 2015 at 08:45:05PM -0500, paul@paulnovo.us wrote:
> Haven't heard anything yet, I sent a message to
> yaml-cpp@packages.debian.org.

See my other mail.

> > Something like this.  Anything that would proof that the package works
> > as expected is useful.  Finally its your decision whether the effort is
> > worth but I also think that such a small test could also serve as good
> > example for users.
> Where would something like this go, in the debian directory somewhere?

Yes, for instance.

> We do have examples upstream, but they aren't standalone, they can be
> built during building of the rest of OpenSurgSim. So I would probably
> create a simple CMakeLists.txt and a sample.cpp. As we move forward
> upstream, I would like to see our examples be standalone separate
> projects that would fit this perfectly, but that will have to wait for
> the next release of OpenSurgSim.

That's fine.  I just wanted to make sure that with a decent effort some
testing would be done.  I fully trust you as upstream what you consider
a decent effort to do sensible testing.

> >     http://blends.debian.org/med/tasks/imaging-dev#libopensurgsim-dev
> This looks great. Neat to see how it all comes together.


Kind regards

      Andreas (nearly back home from Debian Med sprint) 


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