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Re: [ucko@debian.org: Bug#705382: flexbar: FTBFS on unsupported architectures]

On 25/04/13 14:51, Tony Travis wrote:
> On 23/04/13 17:16, Tony Travis wrote:
>> [..]
>> I've changed the Architecture and updated the package to use your new
>> upstream source tarball as Andreas recommended. I'm testing it locally,
>> and it all seems to be working OK. I'll commit the debian files to the
>> svn repository that we are using and ask Andreas' advice about how to
>> submit an updated "flexbar" package to Debian-Med correctly.
> Hi, Andreas.
> I've built and tested the new Flexbar v2.33 package locally, and
> committed my changes to the svn trunk/debian for "flexbar".

Hi, Andreas.

Have you got time to look at my changes?



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