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Re: Bug#696233: ITP: cdbfasta -- Fasta file indexing and retrieval tool

Hi Tim,

On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 05:57:19PM +0000, Tim Booth wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> > BTW, the next package on my "helpful for BioLinux" record is macs.  If
> > you have other targets, just let us know.
> Macs is certainly something we put in BL, and I don't have any issues
> with the package as it stands so it would be good to see it in Debian
> too.  I've not made any modifications on it since Soon's last commit to
> SVN.

Yes.  This seems to be a low hanging fruit regarding Debian integration
and I do not see any reason not to harvest it because finally it saves
you a private BL package and it might serve other users.  I'll do this
probably in the next couple of days (if nobody else is faster ;-))

> The latest thing I've been looking at is Meme.  That is quite a mess but
> needs attention, especially as the meme source appears to contain a
> newer version of glam2 which is currently in the main repo at version
> 1064-1.  I'm not sure is the glam2 version is actually new and improved
> or if they just pulled the old code into the meme source tarball, along
> with a load of other stuff that is in there.

I remember I spent some time into meme in the past and I also remember
these very issues you are describing here.  I do not remember what might
have been the final blocker but it was nothing that was considered like
a very simple job.  I'll put it on my important list and will see what I
can do.  (I was actually hoping that Soon would come up with a MoM
project but he never answered any ping ...)

> This reminds me that I also need to push my Bowtie2 package to SVN.
> Consensus seems to be that Bowtie2 should be packages specifically as
> "bowtie2", not an updated "bowtie".

Fine for me.  I'm far to distant from a practical use of these packages
that I could raise any educated opinion about this.
> But I'm not doing that today - I'm off to the Gym instead ;-)

Yep - stay healthy, merry Christmas and see you at next years sprint



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