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Re: Bug#696233: ITP: cdbfasta -- Fasta file indexing and retrieval tool

Hi Tim,

On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 04:24:38PM +0000, Tim Booth wrote:
> I've pulled all changes and it looks good.

Fine and thus uploaded to unstable.

> No more of that messy
> backporting for a while, you'll be glad to hear, as I'm now on Ubuntu
> 12.04 and most things are in sync with Debian - but I'm sure that new
> incompatibilities will rapidly appear in the next Debian release cycle.

Good to know.  In any case you know we try to make your life to keep the
diff to Debian as small as possible as easy as we can.  Feel free to add
some hints with guidelines to DebianMed wiki area or to Debian Med
policy.  Just let us know if we could provide some even better support.

BTW, the next package on my "helpful for BioLinux" record is macs.  If
you have other targets, just let us know.

> My version numbering is still out of whack but everything else is in my
> package is now the same.

I ignored the latest-debian-changelog-entry-without-new-version lintian
warning because I think it might heal with the next upload.  If it would
be supported by upstream with a proper version numbering that would be
even better.  As you have noticed I kept the 0.9* versioning in because
this seems more natural and sticking to the "highest printed version of
some of the tools" sounded reasonable.  No idea whether this was the
best choice - if not we need to go with an epoch in the future.

Kind regards



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