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Re: Bug#696233: ITP: cdbfasta -- Fasta file indexing and retrieval tool

Hi Andreas,

> BTW, the next package on my "helpful for BioLinux" record is macs.  If
> you have other targets, just let us know.

Macs is certainly something we put in BL, and I don't have any issues
with the package as it stands so it would be good to see it in Debian
too.  I've not made any modifications on it since Soon's last commit to

The latest thing I've been looking at is Meme.  That is quite a mess but
needs attention, especially as the meme source appears to contain a
newer version of glam2 which is currently in the main repo at version
1064-1.  I'm not sure is the glam2 version is actually new and improved
or if they just pulled the old code into the meme source tarball, along
with a load of other stuff that is in there.

This reminds me that I also need to push my Bowtie2 package to SVN.
Consensus seems to be that Bowtie2 should be packages specifically as
"bowtie2", not an updated "bowtie".

But I'm not doing that today - I'm off to the Gym instead ;-)



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