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[MoM] Packaging of python-csb - Report #4

Greets, Andreas. Sorry for going silent for so long.

So, I've finally been able to get a grasp on both DEP8 testing and the
Python3 version. I'm sure there are many new details to fix, but
everything seems well underway. The tests are executed correctly, and
the Python3 version installs and works fine.

I went to upstream with the problem with the pickled files that Jakub
brought up. It seems like those files get rebuilt when the tests run, if
they do not exist. I asked upstream to remove them from the tarball, and
they already did. Future versions will exclude those files, which will
also make the package way smaller.
About this, would it be possible to exclude the pickled files from the
current version? Or do I have to wait/ask for a new upstream tarball?

Another open issue I have now (at least that I'm aware of) are the docs,
or how to go about creating a separate docs package. In particular, what
is the structure of a docs-only package? Perhaps there's an example I
can check?

I'd ask you to check the package and let me know whatever issues you may
find. I'd then like to go for a third round of comments in the Python
least. Speaking of which, would it be ok to write in one list and CC the


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