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[MoM] Status (Was: Second round of advise on packaging python-csb)

Hi Tomás,

because we started the MoM project here on the Debian Med list I'm
quoting the last message about your MoM package (which actually was on
the python-modules list) here and wonder whether you could give some
status update.  It would be great if you would give some succcess /
failure / blocker report.  Perhaps we could finally get some first
package out even if not all wishlist features (like testing / Python
3.0) might be implemented yet.

Thanks for your work on this


On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 04:53:35PM +0100, Tomás Di Domenico wrote:
> Sorry for the late reply, and thanks to everyone who contributed to this
> thread.
> On 15/11/12 09:01, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > If Jakub wrote *ideally* than he most probably intended to write that we
> > should try to do so but there might be some good reasons to derive from
> > this ideal situation.  I admit, I usually try to rebuild the docs in my
> > packages and I do at least verify that I can *reproduce* all the docs.
> > However, sometimes there are good reasons to simply use the
> > autogenerated docs from upstream.  Without having checked the thing
> > myself your description sounds as if it could be the case here.
> > IMHO the question whether you rebuild the docs from source and the fact
> > whether the docs will end up in a separate binary package are
> > orthogonal.  I'm a fan if separate docs and I think 24MB are some good
> > reason to do this.
> Great, seems like a separate package would be the way to go then.
> > I agree with those other to people who answered this part of your mail
> > that having the tests packaged and thus ready for testing by the user
> > at the installation target (which is simply different from testing at
> > upstream side) is a very good idea and should be approached.  Please
> > also regard Jakub's (?) hint to DEP8.
> Right. I've contacted upstream regarding the pickled files Jakub brought
> up in a previous message. I'm also looking at the autopkgtest docs I can
> find, trying to figure it out. Could anyone point me to some python
> packages using this kind of automated testing? If you'd rather teach me
> how to fish, I'd be very interested in learning about the best way to
> search packages for specific content in the "debian/*" files. In this
> case, for example, search for "XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest" and "python"
> or something of the sort. (Wishful thinking, maybe?)
> Tomás
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