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Re: Do we track releases or development versions [Was: r-bioc-cummerbund ... upstream/1.1.3-17-gae72ebb]

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 10:25:45AM -0400, Carlos Borroto wrote:
> I'm taking a look at this package and everything seems ready. I see
> you already fixed the watch file.

Yep.  I fixed it and afterwards I have read the comment. :-) This made
me a bit unsure ...

> Regarding citation, I haven't read
> yet how we are doing this, but I will soon.



At very bottom you'll find a template.  There are > 100 examples in our
Vcs (SVN+Git).

> Do you wan't me to get the
> changelog ready and ask for sponsoring? Or do you have something else
> in mind that should be tackle before submission?

It would be reasonable if you ping me once you are finished.  I do not
have additional plans for changes.

Kind regards



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