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Re: libsnappy (Was: Bug#662513: RM: emboss/6.3.1-6)

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 01:07:06PM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> I did not find time to make further checks (my work computer is still giving me
> JAVA_HOME errors), but that should not be a reason for delaying upload if you
> are confident with your changes.  In particular, in my understanding the

I remember that I previousely had problems with JAVA_HOME but not
recently.  I do not remember whether I fiddled around with my
environment or whether these problems were gone as magically as they
> I have moved the Git repository to the Debian Med area, but since it still
> contains the native libraries that should be stripped by the get-orig-source
> script, perhaps it would be better to restart from scratch, so that we have a
> DFSG-free repository ?

As far as I can see the pristine tarball is dfsg free - so you seem
to have importet the result of the get-orig-source script.  I admit
that debian/watch and debian/get-orig-source need some polishing
regarding version mangling.  I also noticed that lintian says:

I: libsnappy-java-java: javalib-but-no-public-jars

which is not true because it is in


and thus we possibly might face a lintian bug here.

Otherwise I think the package is ready.  I'll care about it in the next
couple of days.

Kind regards



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