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Re: [MoM]: r9659 - trunk/packages/fis-gtm/fis-gtm/trunk/debian

Hi Bhaskar,

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 10:36:05AM -0500, Bhaskar, K.S wrote:
> >>
> >>1) Take advantage of the "package" target in the
> >>      gtm Makefile, to select the binary files of interest
> >>      to be included in an installation.
> >>
> >>2)  Take the resulting tar.gz file, expand it in a tmp
> >>       directory,  (debian/tmp).
> >>
> >>3)   Finally, cherry-pick the files from that tmp
> >>       directory and put them in their final destination
> >
> >>Two alternative plans are;
> >>
> >>
> >>A) To directly use the "./configure" file in the
> >>      binary directory, which actually pick some
> >>      defaults and move files to their final location.
> >>      http://osehra.org/wiki/installing-gtm
> >>
> >>or
> >>
> >>B)  Work from the "gtminstall" script that Bhaskar
> >>       pointed out.  In this case, we have to skip several
> >>       portions of the script, because it really starts with
> >>       downloading the tar files from sourceforge.
> [KSB] gtminstall as a stand-alone script will download and install
> the latest GT.M release from Source Forge.  But when executed as
> part of a GT.M distribution, it installs the distribution it is
> bundled with.

I'm not sure whether Luis can turn this into a recommendation.  At least
I can not parse this as something like: Luis, stay on your track. /
Luis, pick alternative A) or B).

For me this sounds like another wording for alternative B).  Do you
think it is a good idea to just strip the downloading part from
gtminstall and use the remaining code?

Kind regards


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