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Source code for jlapack

Hi Keith,

I'm considering to package some phylogeny software (Beast) for Debian.
It has some dependenices from external JAR files and one of them ist mtj
(matrix-toolkits-java) which in turn depends from netlib-java and this
in turn depends somehow from jlapack.  To finally enable a download I
need to provide the source of all components and reproduce every step to
reconstruct the resulting JARs.  I'm somehow stranded in this chain of
dependencies when I tried to get the source for jlapack from


and noticed that despite the text claims to contain

   JLAPACK source and class files (tgz archive)

it only has the class files bundled into the JAR but no Java sources at
all.  COuld you give me some hint where or how I can obtain the sources
to reconstruct the JARs?

Kind regards and thanks for any help



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