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Source code of phyutility


I would like to package phyutility for Debian.  At


I found a downloadable ZIP file which contains the resulting JAR.  I
also was able to check out the according source code from SVN.  However,
for packaging purposes a downloadable and equally versioned archive (be
it tar.gz or zip does not matter) would be really helpful.  The thing is
that if we would just observe trunk with our automatic tools it is hard
to decide whether there might have been a code update or just some
changes in the documentation wiki which is in the same place or
something like this.

In case you would consider to help us with such support in a
downloadable source archive it would also very helpful if you would
include some build.xml file or something like this which would enable us
to make building the project as simple as possible.

Kind regards and thanks for providing phyutility as free software



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