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Problem using ./setup-repository: "gbp:error: /path/to/foobar.git is not a git repository"


I'm following our policy document to setup proper git repositories,
for new packages I intent to work on.

I got stuck using the recommended 'setup-repository' script. This is
what I'm doing:

$ ./setup-repository r-cran-rsqlite 'Packaging for R/CRAN/RSQLite'
Initialized empty shared Git repository in /home/cjavier/src/r-cran-rsqlite.git/

$ cd r-cran-rsqlite.git/
$ ls
branches  config  description  HEAD  hooks  info  objects  refs

$ git import-orig --pristine-tar ../RSQLite_0.11.1.tar.gz
gbp:error: /home/cjavier/src/r-cran-rsqlite.git is not a git repository

Am I missing something here? The only thing I can see is the uses of
"--bare" in 'setup-repository', I tried to read about that option, but
couldn't quite understand what is for.


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