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Re: [MoM] Packaging fis-get

Hi Luis,

On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 12:30:12AM -0500, Luis Ibanez wrote:
> Perfect.
> I just created my account in the wiki.
>    http://wiki.debian.org/LuisIbanez

> As instructed in step 2 of the MoM Wiki page,
> I have subscribed to the mailing list
>                 debian-med-commit

> In that same section, and in section 3 of the Wiki
> page there is a reference to SVN operations but
> not a URL to a SVN repository.

Right, I was not clear whether I could specify SVN links
(will test and may be I add the wsvn http link.)
> Does this refer to the source tree of the project
> being packaged ?   (fis-gtm in this case)
> or is there another specific SVN repository that
> I should be checking out ?

Well, for the actual packaging it might be sufficient to simply check
out a part of the Debian Med SVN which concerns fis-gtm:

However, it makes perfect sense to just get the whole tree


I very frequently do some search using find and grep to seek for
solutions found in other packages which can be copied to the package I'm
working on.  My last research of this kind was when I wrote a watch file
for libhmsbeagle.  I just wanted to know how it was done in other
packages when fetching files from googlecode in a watch file.  So I went
to my SVN tree location and did:

   $ cd trunk/packages
   $ grep google */trunk/debian/watch

This brought up a list of watch files and I was easily able to pick from
a very similar one for my case.  If you are suffereing from a bad memory
you need to invent reasonable search strategies for the information you
need.  The pool of packages in our SVN is a great resource here.  [Feel
free to ask more about watch files even if this part was just solved by
Thorsten Alteholz for fis-gtm.]

> About section 4, my IRC id is :  luisibanez

OK.  In what time zone are you living?  I can not do IRC in working
hours.  So I'll not be in IRC before 19:00 UTC.  It might be better at
weekend however, I'm quite sloppy with this technique.  If you see any
need for IRCing please drop me an e-mail to make sure that I will show
up.  My nick is an3as.

My suggestion for your next steps would be the following.

   1. Check out SVN (as described above and please make sure you use
      svn+ssh - in case this will not work see the links for ssh tips
      in our policy document)
   2. cd fis-gtm/fis-gtm-server/trunk
   3. make -f debian/rules get-orig-source
         # this is the usual way to get the original source
   4. tar -xzf *.orig.tar.gz

Than you have two options:

   A) Read the policy document how to use svn-buildpackage
   B) Simply
        cp -a debian <source_directory>
        cd <source_directory>

We had some discusssions about automatisms (A) and doing things
traditional (B).  I would not call myself very traditional but I'm
leaving old rock solid pathes only if I see large advantages.  So
finally I'm mostly doing B).

Both should lead you to a Debian package.  Please test it if it really
builds or report your problems here.

Good luck



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