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Re: Please help with fixing a bug on kfreebsd [Was: Processed: unarchiving 648705]

Ok, I've spent the full night to try to debug this. Here is what I've done. Created a VBox kfreebsd-i386 machine with debian 6.0.3. Added some packages:

	apt-get install build-essential libxext-dev libxext6 libqt4-dev zlib1g-dev

Download the FreeDiams 0.6.2 sources, unpack, going into freediams-0.6.2 path

	qmake -r CONFIG+=release CONFIG+=LINUX_INTEGRATED LOWERED_APPNAME=freediams INSTALL_ROOT_PATH=/home/eric/ freediams.pro
	make install

No error...

The command used in debian/rules:

	qmake-qt4 -r -config release "CONFIG+=LINUX_INTEGRATED" "INSTALL_ROOT_PATH=/build/buildd-freediams_0.6.0-1-kfreebsd-amd64-4a_bay/freediams-0.6.0/debian/tmp/usr/" LOWERED_APPNAME="freediams" freediams.pro

Works perfectly fine in my VBox. 

The project messages are a good help here:

1) something like "**** Building Linux Integrated ****" should appear multiple times. That's not the case in your log.
2) these lines should not appear
	Project MESSAGE: Qt Libs : /libs
	Project MESSAGE: Qt Plugins : /qt

In your build log, the "CONFIG+=LINUX_INTEGRATED" is not recognized. I don't know why...

The error can be in: 
	Qt4 (qmake is buggy in kfreebsd ?)
	sbuild (missing something in configuration ?)
	no other idea from me

I can give your more help, but now I need yours to go one. We should ask each other about the potential audience of the FreeDiams package in kfreebsd users. I really believe that it will be near to zero. So do we really need to spend more time in this debugging ?

Eric Maeker, MD (Fr)

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