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Re: Please help with fixing a bug on kfreebsd [Was: Processed: unarchiving 648705]


Am 16.01.2012 18:09, schrieb Andreas Tille:

>> ... and voila!  You can indeed fix (or at least investigate further)
>> these bugs while sitting before a Linux box.
> Well, what your are summerizing with a "voila" is quite a bit of work [..]

Well, actually it is:
1) Looking up a server name
2) ssh to that box
3) chroot like the welcome message told you
4) check build depends

And maybe:

5) Ask for missing build depends
6) Wait

> and the further investigation another piece of work if not familiar with
> QT build issues on kfreebsd..

I'm not a BSD porter myself, but fixed a couple of FTBFS bugs on it.  I
also was also able to fix a FTBFS on Sparc, Mipsel and other arches
using porter machines.  I found that you often just need some basic Unix
understanding to actually fix such a bugs.

Best regards,

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