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Re: Please sponsor upload of aghermann-0.5.0

reviewed... building now, if everything is splendid -- will upload.
meanwhile dropped you few minor notes offlist


On Thu, 12 Jan 2012, andrei zavada wrote:

> Hi Yaroslav,

> > verify that it builds (in clean chroot), lintian-free, and then
> > email me url to the .dsc file ...    so the same procedure as for the
> > initial upload, just should be easier/faster
> Here's asking you humbly to sponsor upload of aghermann-0.5.0, which I
> am posting here:
> http://johnhommer.com/academic/code/aghermann/source/deb/aghermann_0.5.0-1.dsc.

> > so just remove manual installation (do you have it in
> > debian/*docs?) and you should be all set
> All correct.  I fixed the latest lintian warning about multiple
> changelogs by dropping ChangeLog from dist-bzip2 target.  In the process
> of debuild, it is renamed and apparently gets installed by
> dh_installchangelogs.  Fair enough.

> Cheers,
> Andrei

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