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Re: Package available (was Re: Micro Manager)

Hi Mark,

It is great to see Fiji approaching ....

On 01/07/2012 02:31 PM, Mark Longair wrote:
>> I was very happy about your proposal to start a rearrangement of
>> Fiji that is DFSG compliant. In parallel to that, I would like to discuss
>> the possibility to upload more or less what you have with the non-free
>> section of Debian. For the end user this may be easier since they won't
>> be suprised of any feature gap. And for the developers it may be
>> easier, too, since the DFSGisation can be performed incrementally.
> [..]
> I'm happy to do that.  Could you possibly remind me what this
> would involve, or point me to some documentation for the
> process?  I have an account on alioth (mhl20-guest) from when we
> discussed this possibility before.
We need a source tarball as a start. And then we need the
Debian build instructions, which are gathered in that folder
"debian". When "upstream" (you) already ships such a folder,
then we have now developed enough to tolerate that :o)
But with you already having an account with alioth, I just
suggest you (or I on your behalf) move that folder out of
your regular source tree into the subversion repository. Admittedly,
I have not looked into the Fiji source tree for a while ... it is just
what I recall to have thought back then :o)

So, to answer your question, you do not need to do anything,
really. Just allow us to go ahead. What we will do is a license check,
also the .jar files that you may have shipping with your regular
source tree. When those are GPLed, then the source must
be shipping also with the sources that we send to Debian. So,
we really do not want to have too many incompatible/novel
.jar files with your source tree :o)

What I also like to do is to have the debian folder in the Debian
Med subversion repository, but not have the package in Debian.
You may know about those "debian/watch" files. The tool "uscan"
downloads the source tree and then you can build immediately,
just by having the debian folder merged with what uscan
downloaded. So, I think this is where I would truly want to start
and develop a "get-orig-source" target which removes the .jar
files from there.

Many greetings


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