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Re: Neobio - some questions

On Sun, Nov 06, 2011 at 03:08:48PM +0100, Dr. med. Christoph Gille wrote:
> The shell script usr/bin/neobio needs to be stored as
> debian/neobio.sh because of the existing directory with the same
> name debian/neobio

I simply moved it to debian/bin/neobio which enables consequent use
of debian/neobio.install.
> Is it right that I cannot use neobio.install for this specific file to get it
> in place?

At least it is right that dh_install can not rename files.

> And that I have to have the cp-command in rules:
> 	mkdir -p $(debtmp)/usr/bin
> 	cp -a debian/neobio.sh $(debtmp)/usr/bin/neobio

This is a possible workaround, yes.  However, I'd regard the solution
I just commited as more easy to read / maintain.
> Why do I need the mkdir command at all?  Is not dh_installdirs
> taking care of creating directories?

You do not need mkdir if usr/bin is specified in debian/dirs.

> What is neobio.dirs doing anyway?

Creating directories (see 'man dh_installdirs').

> I thought that this is read by dh_installdirs.  But even if I put
> a line usr/bin I still need the mkdir -p $(debtmp)/usr/bin

Because you are doing

   debtmp := $(CURDIR)/debian/tmp

but since debhelper 4 (if I remember correctly) the directory debian/tmp
is deprecated and debian/<pkgname> is used instead.  So you should not
copy your file to


but rather to


(which would be created by dh_installdirs - but now I have removed the
dirs file).
> I tested another approach: Make a directory trunk/debian/usr/bin
> and place the shell script within.  I put a respective line in
> neobio.install. This worked but I have not seen anything like
> this in the other packages. So I did not keep it.

Ahh, well this is quite equivalent to my solution and I think there are
other packages out there which are doing the same.  That's perfectly
BTW, I'm going to make the rules file even much shorter / simpler with
short dh notation.

Kind regards



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