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Re: Plastimatch fixes

Hi Gregory,

On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 12:18:04PM -0700, Gregory Sharp wrote:
> I deleted these routines from source package.  They are not 
> essential.

This would make the package distributable if I'm not missleaded.
Dominique, would you care for sponsoring it?

> Nevertheless, it would be nice to include eventually.  
> It contains a useful function for computing depth dose curve 
> for proton beams.  The authors specify a different license on 
> the web site (below).  Would this license be OK if it can 
> be verified?
> All the programs and subroutines contained in this archive are copyrighted. However, we give permission to the user who downloads these routines to incorporate any of these routines into his or her programs provided that the copyright is acknowledged. 

I'm missing a clear statement which allows modification.  Perhaps a
download script which is put into /usr/share/doc/plastimatch[/examples]
helps as well?

Kind regards



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