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Re: compiling ginkgocadx

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 10:11:37AM +0200, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
> I will check but since it did seem to work for Andreas ( I took it from his 
> last mail that he has debug enable (?).

Perhaps I missinterpreted your hint to CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE when I added the
following line to debian/rules:


If you did something else it is clear why I did not run into the error ...

But what probably really helped to keep the debug information was:

        echo "Do not strip"

At least lintian is now awrning about not stripped executables.  If I'm
not missleaded there is a control variable which prevents dh_strip from
doing its job but I never can remember its name and for a quick
debugging shot this helps as well.
> BTW.
> The unstriped binaries Andreas provided did not get me a backtrace.

Uhmmm, that smells like a quite ugly problem.  Carlos, can you perhaps
try the Debian package at


(only for amd64).
> I will provide more information in another mail.

Ahhh, hope you have some clue.

Kind regards



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