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Register now! 3rd WIN Symposium 6-8 july.

Please do not hesitate to contact:
MF Congres (WIN Symposium organizer): www.mfcongres.com or
WIN (Worldwide Innovative Networking): www.winconsortium.org

Dr. Vladimir Lazar - Chief Operating Officer
Catherine Bresson - Director of Operational Team

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Go to www.winconsortium.org to register and to download the program.
The 3rd WIN Symposium in personalized cancer medicine [6th-8th July, Palais
des Congrès de Paris - France] will launch an unprecedented format where pharma,
biotech, academia and patient organizations will be giving their views on how to address
the challenges of increasing the efficacy of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics in
the era of personalized cancer medicine, to the benefit of the patient. The scientific
program is of exceptional quality and is endorsed by ASCO, EORTC, ESMO
and OECI.

This is an unique opportunity to make an impact
on cancer across the globe

The 3rd WIN Symposium
starts in 3 weeks!

Don’t miss out!

Register online at  www.winconsortium.org

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