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Some BioConductor packages are just in Debian


I realised that some packages of BioConductor are now officially Debian
packaged.  Thanks to those who spended their time on it.  I would like
to include these packages into our tasks files to do the proper
householding of all our stuff.  The following packages are not yet
mentioned in the tasks files:

  r-bioc-biobase - base functions for Bioconductor
  r-bioc-edger - Empirical analysis of digital gene expression data in R

The following packages are in the following tasks:

  r-bioc-hilbertvis - GNU R package to visualise long vector data
    is in bio, bio-ngs and cloud

  r-bioc-limma - linear models for microarray data
    is in statistics

Please confirm that the later are properly included and suggest
reasonable tasks for the first two.

Kind regards and thanks for your work on this



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