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Drafting release notes

Hey doctors,

squeeze is knocking on the door, and since lenny we have been busy to
make this the most exciting release ever (till wheezy, of course).
I have witnessed many great additions to Debian originating from Debian Med
and now is the time to let others know about them. The best place to do so
in a formal way are our release notes. Right now they do not reflect how
much work went into squeeze and we should change that.

I have drafted a section that gives an impression of the new stuff in
neuroimaging (appended below, already in docbook format). It would be
cool if we could extend that into a larger Debian Med section, and
eventually into one for all of Debian Science.

If people want, we can coordinate that work on a wiki page and I can take
care of merging things into a docbook-format patch to the release notes.
Alternatively, you can also simply post snippets on the list and I'll
harvest them.

Go team!


  <title>Comprehensive support for neuroimaging research</title>
  &debian; &releasename; &release; is the first GNU/Linux distribution
  release ever offering comprehensive support for magnetic resonance
  imaging (MRI) based neuroimaging research. It comes with up-to-date
  software for structural image analysis (e.g. <systemitem
  role="packgage">ants</systemitem>), diffusion imaging and tractography
  (e.g. <systemitem role="packgage"> mrtrix</systemitem>), stimulus
  delivery (e.g. <systemitem role="packgage"> psychopy</systemitem>),
  MRI sequence development (e.g.  <systemitem
  role="packgage">odin</systemitem>), as well as a number of versatile
  data processing and analysis suites (e.g.  <systemitem
  role="packgage">nipype</systemitem>). Moreover, this release has
  built-in support for all major neuroimaging data formats.  See the
  <ulink url="http://blends.alioth.debian.org/science/tasks/neuroscience-cognitive";>
  Debian Science</ulink> and <ulink url="http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/tasks/imaging";>Debian
  Med</ulink> task pages for a comprehensive list of included software
  and the <ulink url="http://neuro.debian.net";>NeuroDebian
  webpage</ulink> for further information.
  <indexterm><primary>neuroimaging research</primary></indexterm>
  <indexterm><primary>Debian Med</primary></indexterm>
  <indexterm><primary>Debian Science</primary></indexterm>

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