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Re: Drafting release notes

Hi Michael,

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 09:31:19PM -0400, Michael Hanke wrote:
> squeeze is knocking on the door, and since lenny we have been busy to
> make this the most exciting release ever (till wheezy, of course).
> I have witnessed many great additions to Debian originating from Debian Med
> and now is the time to let others know about them. The best place to do so
> in a formal way are our release notes. Right now they do not reflect how
> much work went into squeeze and we should change that.

That's a very reasonable intent and probably right in time to not beeing
hit by the real release date and have to do things in a rush.
> I have drafted a section that gives an impression of the new stuff in
> neuroimaging (appended below, already in docbook format). It would be
> cool if we could extend that into a larger Debian Med section, and
> eventually into one for all of Debian Science.

Yes, we definitely should do so.  I also try to point out that DebiChem
and Debian GIS now are using the Blends techniques and I will care for
the according sections (and hope it will not blur the document to much).

> If people want, we can coordinate that work on a wiki page and I can take
> care of merging things into a docbook-format patch to the release notes.
> Alternatively, you can also simply post snippets on the list and I'll
> harvest them.

IMHO the "snippets and harvest" method would make the most effort for you
and thus I would not suggest this.  If you volunteer to transform Wiki to
docbook I think Wiki is fine.  Alternatively we might use


to edit the docbook file but that's a matter of taste and you might decide

Kind regards



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