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Re: Status of BioCocoa (Was: trunk/packages/biococoa)

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 06:26:42PM -0500, Scott Christley wrote:
> > tasks (GNUmed packaging, some Blends infrastraucture things, etc.)  For
> > sure other volunteers are welcome as well.
> Sure.  I'm not sure what's involved in upload though.

It needs sponsoring by a Debian Developer or Maintainer (please correct
me if I missed something and you have one or the other status) and I
will happily do so.  I have successfully builded and installed the
packages you prepared in SVN.

I made some minor (nitpicking) changes (Standard-Version and Source
Format) and ignored the "please provide doc-base control file" info from
lintian (it can be but should be fixed later).

So I uploaded the package finally.

> I've checked in changes to the debian-med repository and verified the package builds.  If you can point me to a document about other tasks, I will be happy to do them.

I just uploaded the package.  You might like to prepare a doc-base
control file (there are several examples for this in the Debian Med SVN.

Many thanks for your work



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