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Re: Status of BioCocoa (Was: trunk/packages/biococoa)

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 12:10:04PM -0500, Scott Christley wrote:
> BioCocoa is ready for upload!  The bits of code under question were re-released under the Lucent Public License 1.02 which should pass Debian guidelines.

That's good news.

> Sorry it took so long!

Well, we failed to reach the freeze date.  However, I guess the world
will not stop spinning around of this and we should probably build the
package without hecticness.

Scott, you once worked on this package.  Would you volunteer to prepare
final packages for upload.  I'm currently a bit distracted by other
tasks (GNUmed packaging, some Blends infrastraucture things, etc.)  For
sure other volunteers are welcome as well.

Kind regards



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