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Re: FreeDiams uploaded

Le 16 oct. 09 à 14:13, Andreas Tille a écrit :

I'd suggest we try the same packaging stuff on your new version.
Ok for the three file packaging. Can you help me on configuring a package repository ? I known 'repro' as a repository maker...

Yes I don't really understand this, you've defined the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
in rules, so rpath is not necessary after installation ?
There are two rpath definitions :
- libs/rpath.pri --> used by libs and main app
- plugins/fmf_plugins.pri --> used by plugins
I saw in your diff that you only changed the main app / libs rpath, not
the plugins.
Please, send me your complete error log. I'll try to manage this.

Well, there is no real errorlog.  The package builds and the program
runs.  If I try to remove the rpath warnings by patching the Makefile
the programm does not run any more because it does not find the
libraries in the subdirectory.  But as I said: we should leave it as
it is for the moment and continue working on this later.
Oh I understand, Litian warns about a wrong rpath and you tried to remove the whole rpath configuration ? If this is the problem, yes you should better ignore it for now... I don't really know how to remove these warnings easily for now.

Well, the licensing issue is *really* unusual when running GPLed
That's true. I don't really know what is the best choice for this dialog. You should know that it appears only once each time you update the version, or at the first start up.
This is not really annoying.

I must add a start message like this : "FreeDiams MUST NOT BE USED for
automedication, please contact your doctor."

I have no idea whether this is needed or not.  You might discuss this
issue on the Debian Med list because there are doctors who might know.
Ok so the question is asked ;)

Kind regards


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