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Re: Bug#533044: RFP: openrep -- software for homeopathic repertorization and viewing materia medicae

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 11:50:58AM +0200, Johan Henriksson wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 11:33 AM, Karsten Hilbert
> > A statement somewhere near the "Practice" task description
> > saying "we do not endorse or judge the Ways of Medicine, we
> > merely provide packages which may facilitate healing" might
> > be in order.
> this might be enough

Fine.  I think *once* we *really* provide packages we might add
a text like this.

Please always keep in mind: In Debian we are providing *Free*
*Software* and do not want to discriminate any user.  If there
is a free program which as a reasonable quality of code there
is no reason to keep it outside just because we do not like the
topic the software might be used.

Debian is featuring First-Person-Shooter which I personally do
not like, we have Bible verses memorizer I have no use for
personally but I would not have the slightest intend to
discriminate any user of this software and the existence of this
software has no influence on the usage of Debian for scientists.

The selection of software inside Debian is quite simple: If
(and only if) somebody volunteers to spend his time in packaging
the software it sooner or later might show up in Debian (provided
the license does allow this).  So if nobody in the Debian Med
team will spend his time on the packaging the whole discussion
about the scientific use is void.

But if somebody sees some use in the package and puts some
effort on it we obviosely have users who are working in medical
care who are interested - and this makes the main point for
inclusion.  BTW, we (as the Debian Med team) have only few
chances to evaluate the scientific value of software in Debian.
It might be that there is also other software were only the
author / maintainer is convinced that it is useful but nobody
else did verify this on a scientific basis.  The fact that
homeopathy is freqently discussed in mass media should not
let us draw any conclusion that we should discriminate a

Kind regards



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