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Re: Bug#533044: RFP: openrep -- software for homeopathic repertorization and viewing materia medicae

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 12:41:18AM +0200, Johan Henriksson wrote:

> having pseudo scientific packages like these

It's not the package but rather the practice of homeopathy
that is felt to be pseudo scientific.

While I agree with you on scientific grounds that homeopathy
cannot currently be adequately explained the practice of
medicine isn't at all about explaining why. It is about

Having this package in Debian Med is akin to having books on
homeopathy at Amazon. It doesn't make a difference.

A statement somewhere near the "Practice" task description
saying "we do not endorse or judge the Ways of Medicine, we
merely provide packages which may facilitate healing" might
be in order.

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