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Re: stats on the number of packages in various releases

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009, Steffen Moeller wrote:

though at list plink is missing here,

plink is in the list of recommends - what do you mean?

and so is infernal that is in experimental and such
in non-free,

Adding packages whi are in experimental exclusively should not
be added to the Recommends.  They are decreased to Suggests.

BTW, if I run your script I get

Here the results of the counting:

 oldstable : 34
    stable : 47
   testing : 51
  unstable : 53

like autodocktools. Stable and testing should differ,

... and they differ.  I have no idea what happened at your side.

at least for
med-bio-dev, a.g. for biojava.

See my other mail about biojava.  As long as it is not in main it
can not be Recommended.

The script (checked in next to the paper-draft I want to use it for at
community/talks/200906_bosc) makes use of rmadison which comes with devscripts.
Suggestions for improvements are most welcome. For instance, it might be preferable to
somehow use the blend data directly, but I did not know how to do that.

I might consider moving it to blends-common.  It is a nice tool.
Thanks for the input.

Kind regards



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