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Re: comments on suggest line of med-bio-dev

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009, Steffen Moeller wrote:

Suggests: aceperl
		should this possibly be "libace-perl" ?

Yes and that's fixed in SVN as you can see at


The problem will be fixed soon (really soon - we just needed blends-dev
version 0.6.3 which is available since two days).

		bioconductor should go

Yes - I'm *really* wondering how to handle this.  Bioconductor
is just a pool of R packages which are releavant for us.  Any
suggestion to cherry pick from this pool?

		is this in the distribution? I cannot find it.

That's why it is reduced to "Suggests".  The blends tools parse the
tasks files for Dependencies and if a package is not found in the
package pool the dependency level is decreased to "Suggests".  Have
you ever read the Blends documentation at


We just keep track of prospective packages and the page


has all information we gathered about this project ...

		there is however libbio-mage-perl

Same as libace-perl.

		this should be under "Recommends", i.e. under the
		same level as its ruby, python and perl fellas

Libbiojava-java is in contrib.  We can not Depend/Recommend packages
outside main so the Dependency was automatically reduced to Suggests.

		this is not a particular med-bio-dev package
		and I would leave it aside but for general
		statistics. I suggest to leave it aside.

I removed it from the task file.

		is this in the distribution?

No, but there is an ITP and this information is kept at


Please read again about prospective packages.

Steffen (who should prepare the update for the just announced biojava 1.7 this week with
many nice changes to the structural bioinformatics world (which BioPerl is very sparse with))

Well, the most interesting change would be if it could go to main,
right? ;-)

Kind regards and many thanks for your review which was very welcome



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