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Re: Micro Manager

Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Jan 2009, Paolo Ariano wrote:
>> after Imagej, could you fill this software is interesting :
>> http://www.micro-manager.org/
>> "is an Open Source software package for imaging and control of automated
>> microscopes", shutters, cameras and so on.
> That's interesting.  I just added the following to our
> tasks file:

and here it is. I'm actually maintaining the linux port. unfortunately
there is a pile of dirty licenses involved so I'm not sure this is ready
for debian yet. for example, some of the code cannot be given out and
some drivers require kernel modules to be built. you have to sign NDAs
to get access to all the code. not fun at all.


> Depends: micromanager
> Homepage: http://www.micro-manager.org/
> License: free
> Resonsible: Paolo Ariano <paolo.ariano@unito.it>
> Pkg-Description: imaging and control of automated microscopes,
> shutters, cameras etc.
>  µManager is an Open Source software package for imaging and control
>  of automated microscopes. Together with ImageJ, a popular image
> processing
>  package, #Manager provides a comprehensive imaging solution -
> comparable to
>  commercially available ones.
>  .
>  µManager software includes free device drivers as well.
> Please specify the actual License (which 'free' license).
>> In the case we could start to make a Micro-Manager.deb
> That would be interesting.  In case of trouble feel free to
> ask for help here.
> Kind regards
>          Andreas.

Johan Henriksson
MSc Engineering
PhD student, Karolinska Institutet
http://mahogny.areta.org http://www.endrov.net

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