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Packages for BALL

Dear debian experts,

I am one of the main developers of the Biochemical Algorithms Library
(BALL), a rather large C++ framework that provides datastructures and
algorithms for computational chemistry and structural bioinformatics.
In addition to the core C++ library, we also offer a Python interface
for scripting and a standalone viewer and modelling tool (BALLView).

BALL has more than 12 years of development under its belt and has a
fairly large user base (we know of several thousand users, but as usual
 in the open source world, the real numbers are hard to get).

Some time ago, Andreas Moll started creating debian packages for
BALLView, but the final polish was still missing. With the immense help
of Steffen Moeller (thanks a lot!), I have recently started to rewrite
the ballview packages, and to add packages for the library, the headers,
and the python interface. The idea here is to keep all debian related
things in the debian-med repository, so no changes to our upstream
tarballs should be needed (BALL still contains a debian-upstream
directory, but that is no longer used and will probably be removed in
the next release). I currently still prepare special checkouts for
debian, but only since I had to adapt our build system to use libtool
and this change is not yet merged in upstream. This will change next
week, though.

This is my first attempt at packaging, and comments would be very
welcome. Everything is checked into svn, package 'ball'.

Best regards,

Andreas Hildebrandt

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