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Re: Packages for BALL

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008, Andreas Hildebrandt wrote:

This is my first attempt at packaging, and comments would be very
welcome. Everything is checked into svn, package 'ball'.

Andreas, thanks for your work on ball.  Everything you wrote above sounds
very reasonable.  Considering the fact that Steffen Möller has helped you
in packaging I just guess that the packaging stuff should be in good shape.
I wonder whether you think that the current status of the packages is that
it can be uploaded just now to unstable or whether your intention is to
wait until the changes in the build system are implemented upstream.

I'll be offline soon so I will not have time to look at ball for one week
but if you intention was to just have another look before somebody starts
sponsoring an upload, please pronounce this clearly.  If not - we just
regard this as "status message" and keep on waiting until the upload just

Thanks again



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